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No one wants to date the person no one else wants!
Read the above quote in a dating book once, I’ve actually read a couple of relationship books, some were helpful, some were full of crap and left me in a more twisted and confused state than I was before reading them. Don’t get me wrong, dating books are good but do we really need them to meet new potential dates? Finding Mr. Right in today’s world is solely up to you and chance in my opinion, I’ve also realized that there is no hard and fast rule to anything, things aren’t black and white anymore, those grey areas really does exist.

There are no perfect humans anywhere; some people find love in the craziest and weirdest place, some others in a hopeless place like that Rihanna’s song. I have heard some love stories of how couples met. Unexpected and unimaginable places, yet they found love just right there. So in the complete sense, to find love you have got to be real with yourself, stop being conscious of the fact you are looking for your other half. Your realness will attract the right person to you.
Just do your thing, love yourself first, find something tangible to do about your purpose here on earth, you just don’t know while doing this, love might find you just right there.

There are a lot of amazing stories about people finding love in their neighborhoods, through friends (that’s how I met my caramel coco by the way), place of worship, work place, night club, in a public bus, in hospitals, even as weird as this might be, you can meet your dream man/woman in the hospital, no matter what you are there for, I know you are sick, but you have got to talk to that special doctor or nurse, if you know what I mean. Other places people have met potential dates are at the ATM, the mall, and the gym and last but not least online dating. A lot of couples met online, Life is full of surprises. It would be quite tragic if you missed out on someone great because he or she didn’t arrive the way you expected.
It turns out; love may be waiting for us in places we least expect. It’s often not a case of going out and finding it – it can come to you. Don’t seek a relationship out of fear with reasons like loneliness, not wanting to be left on the shelf, conforming to society’s expectations, appeasing parents’ concerns, wanting to be loved, wanting to feel “complete”, wanting to have a partner to “show off” to friends, and not wanting to be the only single left among coupled friends. Instead go with love based motivations; it is better to date with reasons rooted in wholeness, betterment and authenticity.

I wish us all the best in our romantic endeavors.

Thanks for reading,

Happy Valentines!

When women reach a certain age, we tend to worry about a lot things including ways to keep our skin youthful but we most likely never considered that our hairstyle might be another culprit in aging us. So as we are fresh into the New Year, I would love to share some hairstyle ideas and inspiration that can leave you looking fresh faced while boosting your overall confidence in 2018. With no further ado let’s dive in:

1.     Go For Full-On Fringe
Fringe brings out a youthful look if they are on the fuller side rather than thin and wispy, which can age you, Bangs can be worn by anyone and are an easy way to make a dramatic hair change. Not to forget that a side swept fringe also slims your face.

2.     Consider Length and Layers

Who says that women of a certain age can’t wear full and bouncy long hair?  It's a common misconception that the older you get, the shorter your hair should be, Thick hair looks the most youthful at shoulder length or longer. To avoid weighing your hair down and achieving a younger look, I’ll recommend adding in subtle layers to give hair movement and volume. Our hair manufacturers already know this that’s why most hairs come with different lengths.

3.     Add color
This one is my favorite, I love highlights and color.
One of the quickest ways to create a more youthful look is to get warm-toned highlights. Colors like caramel, copper blonde and if you're on the lighter side, try a honey. Not only softens the face, but it also creates dimension and avoids a one-toned look, which can age you. For a low-maintenance approach to this, try dip-dyed tips or subtle highlights. 

    4.       Go for high ponytail

This style brings focus to what is called the triangle of youth. When we are young, our faces look like an upside-down triangle—with the widest part, stretching across the eyes and the point at the chin, a high ponytail recreates that triangle by drawing the eyes up and giving facial skin a gentle upward lift. No wonder Jennifer Lopez is always spotting one.

5.     A low ponytail.
A low ponytail also has the ability to draw upward and create a natural lift around the eyes and forehead. This pulled back look creates a subtle pull on the skin that lifts the cheeks and boosts the brow.

6.     Try a top knot.

This is another Jennifer Lopez favorite, Pulling up your hair like this literally lifts your face, and it also draws attention and flatters cheeks and eyes.
And there you have it a natural way to defy aging without injections and surgery.

Thanks for reading!
Happy New Year guys, Xo

Trace M.A.D (music & Deals) Fest 2017 is here and you do not want to miss it.  
To celebrate the biggest sales event of the year, aka Black Friday, Jumia teamed up with Trace to bring you the best of music and shopping deals. It is the first of its kind and it promises to be lit and all shades of fun. It will feature Some of your favorite Nigerian artistes who will be performing live, announcing exclusive flash sales and giving shopping vouchers.  Date is 18th November, Time 12 pm and the venue is King’s College Annex Ground Victoria Island, Lagos.
Don’t be told about it, save the date and be there.
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Africa as a whole sees the burying of their dead an important tradition.
A 2003 report in BBC News asked a very pertinent question, should Africa end costly funerals? There were mixed reactions to this question. I posed the same question at a meeting recently; some believed that expensive funerals go hand in hand with beliefs and culture, that it is a great way of showing last respect to the dead. Some others believed that there are many other reasons for funeral in Nigeria; It is not simply for 'feasting'. While others thought it an unnecessary practice and that feasting during funerals should be banned.

Burying a loved one in Nigeria involves a lot of planning, organizing and festivities regardless of how much you are hurting.
I recently experienced the funeral rite of a loved one; we opted for a simple ceremony knowing quite well that feasts and funerals are part of Nigerian culture. In some parts of Nigeria funerals last for days and weeks but in this case, his was just for one day with all the traditions followed of course. We didn’t allow the opinion of others to cloud our judgment; we wanted it a certain way and we worked towards achieving it. Most people aren’t that lucky to have an understanding extended family like mine, they are swayed by the opinion of others most especially by insensitive family heads that would want an outlandish ceremony with all the festivities to the detriment of the bereaved.

There have been cases of families being in debt and destitute after burying a loved one. Some have to keep corpses of dead relatives in the morgue for several months, while they save up for the lavish funeral, which may or may not include renovating the family home in the village, most deceased die in abject poverty due to the low standard of living but they are lavishly buried. Those who decide to have moderate funerals are seen as poor, wretched and not worthy of respect.

We really should do better as a society!

The social aspect of people gathering during funerals is an important cultural consideration but sadly, it has become a drinking and feasting party. 

It is not how much we spend at funerals but what motivates us to spend as we do. Since the social classes are undeniably existent in our society. I believe we should cut our coats according to our cloth, for those who can afford a lavish affair, they should carry on but it shouldn’t be mandatory for all. A befitting burial shouldn’t be a show of affluence. Ideally, the whole essence of gathering at the deceased home up to burial time is for the sole purpose of offering comfort to the bereaved family. One can still give a loved one a befitting funeral without meeting societal expectations; it doesn’t mean you care less.

Participating in a funeral can be a therapeutic act that actually starts the healing process. Psychologists and grief counselors agree that funerals can be a healing experience that helps survivors move through their grief.
Funerals are important and shouldn’t be banned, but I believe that more time should be spent comforting than coming to enjoy the food and drinks. 

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We all love a clean-shaven and well-dressed man but there is an aspect that we tend to over look or under estimate and that is a man that smells good.  A man can never go wrong with a good soap, antiperspirant, body spray, after-shave and a little spritz of perfume. A woman’s sense of smell is more heightened than a man’s that’s why we find a man who smells great irresistible and so appealing.
Smelling good adds a spring in your step and a smile on your face; I've even heard that it opens doors in some quarters. But remember perfumes can never replace personal hygiene. So on than note, I’m going to do a quick rundown of perfumes and after shaves that I love on my man. (These are my personal favorites) let’s dive in:

TOM FORD NOIR (eau de parfum):

It says I’m here when you wear it, it announces you as soon as you enter a place. It is the perfect mixture of muskiness and sweet scents.

BVLGARI MAN (Eau de toilette):

It brings out the primitive manliness in a man, it makes him irresistible to anyone, and it boosts confidence. This is my personal favorite.

M7 OUD ABSOLU by YVES SAINT LAURENT (Eau de toilette):

This is another confidence booster, it makes you smell like a million bucks, it also adds that it factor to your dressing.

RALPH LAUREN (Eau de toilette spray):

Says look at me I’m in charge. It takes over the whole room, it also says I’m in control.


I love aftershaves, especially when it’s unique to the man in your life; I particularly love sniffing in the scent anytime I go in for a hug.

TOM FORD NOIR: Smells divine while soothing those razor bumps.

DIRTY ENGLISH AFTER SHAVE: it absorbs easily and it smells marvelous.

INTENSE BY ISSEY MIYAKE: it's a soft after-shave balm that smells like a mixture of fruits.

You might be wondering why I indicated whether the perfume is eau de toilette or parfum. Here’s the reason,

EAU DE TOILETTE: Sometimes is used to describe the same concentration as cologne, eau de toilette can contain up to around 10% aromatic essence. The first scent (the top notes) released by a perfume is dominant, making it refreshing when it is applied, and it evaporates and fades away quickly. Eau de toilette and cologne are the most popular forms in which fragrance is sold.

EAU DE PARFUM: After the top notes have died away, the middle notes or heart notes of a perfume become noticeable. This is the focus of eau de parfum, which makes it perfect to spray on hair or clothing.  The concentration of oils is over 15%, sometimes reaching as high as 20%. (Be careful with delicate fabrics as they may stain). It is cheaper and long lasting.

For the gentlemen that can go the extra mile to take care of their bodies, these are for you. A complete set of BODY OIL, SOAP, BODY MOISTURIZER AND BODY SCRUB ALL BY TOM FORD.
Though, its high end, it is totally worth the cost.

You can get your preferred scent from any local vendor.

Thanks for reading!

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